With the INTERACT eCurriculum, your facility staff will have all the training and resources needed to implement the INTERACT quality improvement program shown to reduce hospital readmissions by up to 24 percent.1

The INTERACT eCurriculum is a state-of-the art online training program developed in partnership with an interdisciplinary team led by Dr. Joseph G. Ouslander, M.D. at Florida Atlantic University that gives you the power to safely reduce unnecessary hospital transfers, admissions, and hospital readmissions. This unique training program includes evidence-based and expert-recommended interventions designed for every day practice in long-term care facilities.

The INTERACT eCurriculum is comprised of 11 modules covering all aspects of the INTERACT quality improvement program from the perspective of every role involved, including medical directors, administrators, physicians, RNs, NPs, PAs, social workers, LPNs, CNAs, rehabilitation staff, dietary, housekeeping and family members.

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Module 1: Overview of the INTERACT Quality Improvement Program

Module 1a is designed for Medical Directors, Primary Care MDs, and NPs/PAs.

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Module 1b is designed for Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses.

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Module 1c is designed for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and all non-nursing staff with direct resident contact such as those working in activities, housekeeping, dietary, and laundry departments.

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Module 1d is designed for Administrators, Social Workers, Therapists (PT, OT, RT), Other Ancillary Personnel, and Clinicians.

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* The INTERACT Program is currently only available in the United States of America.



1. Ouslander, MD, Joseph, et al. “Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations of Nursing Home Residents: Frequency, Causes, and Costs.” Journal of the American Geriatric Association. no. 58 (2010): 627-635. http://interact2.net/docs/publications/Ouslander et al Avoidable Hospitalizations of Nursing Home Patients JAGS 2010.pdf (accessed November 29, 2012).