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Product Selection Application

Clinical decision tree for disposable incontinence products with resident data form and medication chart. #Programs #Continence-Management-Program #Know-How-Guides #CNA #Case-Managers ​

product selection application.pdf

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Perineal and Catheter Care

Clinical decision tree for perineal skin care and bathing. #Programs #Continence-Management-Program #Know-How-Guides #CNA #Case-Managers ​​​​​​​

perineal and catheter care.pdf

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Hand Hygiene

How do we improve skin in any context? Keep in mind we’re talking about skin not about skin disease. We’re not talking about psoriasis, or melanoma, or the things that we would traditionally think about as skin diseases. We’re talking about every day things that the nursing staff is held...

hand hygiene.pdf

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Educate Your Staff

Want to know what your staff is thinking? Have them take a quick anonymous quiz. Print out the following questionnaire and see how well your staff performs. #Programs #Continence-Management-Program #Know-How-Guides #CNA #Case-Managers ​​​​​​​​​

educate your staff.pdf

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Educate Resident and Family

Life changes can occur at the most unexpected times, in the most unexpected ways. When a new resident enters your facility, often they are scared and unsure of what their life will be like in your facility. And while you and your staff are working very hard to make the resident feel welcome and...

educate resident and family.pdf

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CMP Super User Guide

We know that a successful implementation of a continence management program is much more likely when it is understood and supported across the organization. If you have been contemplating the implementation of an organization-wide continence management program, you have come to the right place....

cmp super user guide.pdf

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Assessment and Care Plans

Functional Incontinence Care Plan with an assessment and implementation form. #Programs #Continence-Management-Program #Know-How-Guides #CNA #Case-Managers ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

assessment and care plans.pdf