Medline University Launches Brand New Webinar Series "Why MU is for You"

By Elizabeth Andreas posted 02-23-2022 06:59 AM

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Medline University Launches Brand New Webinar Series "Why MU is for You"

Join this webinar scheduled two Wednesdays each month at 9 AM CST to learn all the features and benefits of our free, eLearning platform.

Our new webinar series is the perfect session if you are wanting an overview of all the benefits of Medline University®. Whether you are a first-time admin or a seasoned user of learning management systems (LMS), this webinar will detail more educational options for your staff and organization.

Sessions are led by our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team who will be helping with any of your questions along the way. This webinar will educate attendees on finding content and assigning courses, along with emphasizing the importance of managing human resource aspects on the site. Our team will clearly communicate the expectation, steps, and processes required for on-boarding a roster and creating a site presence. The inner workings of MU will be highlighted as a great edition to any educational programming for facility and staff training. 

Check out the upcoming "Why MU is for You" webinar dates:

Medline University makes it easy for learners to find the courses they need, and administrators to help achieve their facilities' learning objectives. In addition to our new webinar series, we host live 30-minute training sessions every week to show you how to get started and give you the opportunity to ask questions. Click here to see our upcoming schedule of events. Be sure to return on the date and time that fits your schedule the best, and click on the accompanying link. It’s that easy! Please note that our webinars are open enrollment; no registration is required. However, please be punctual as events will be cancelled after 10 minutes if there are no attendees.