Temporary Disruption Due to Course Updates Effective August 31

By Elizabeth Andreas posted 12 days ago

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Temporary Disruption Due to Course Updates Effective August 31

On an ongoing basis, Medline University develops, updates and retires courses to meet the evolving educational needs of medical professionals.

By Geoff Kass, Director of Medline University | August 3, 2022

Courses in Transition: Plan Your Course Schedules

The following courses will continue to be available on Medline University (MU), but after August 31, you may experience a temporary disruption to their availability as we convert them to MU’s permanent catalog offering.

Please note: Learners are encouraged to complete courses that are “in progress” by August 31 or you’ll need to retake them once the conversion process is completed.

  • Advance Directives: Guidelines for Healthcare Providers
  • Communication, Culture and Family in End-of-Life Care (1 hour)
  • Communications: Peer Relationships
  • Controlling Violence in Healthcare and Preventing Elder Abuse
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19): What Every Healthcare Worker Must Know
  • Culturally Competent Care: An Overview
  • Dementia Care I, Mental Decline & Caregiving Challenges (w/Video)
  • Dementia Care II, Physical Decline & Caregiving Challenges (w/Video)
  • Dementia Care III, Understanding & Managing Difficult Behavior (w/Video)
  • Essentials of HIV/AIDS for Healthcare Workers – General
  • Fall Prevention
  • Feeding a Resident for Healthcare Assistants
  • Fire Safety – Medcom
  • HIPAA - A Guide for Long Term Care Workers
  • HIPAA: A Guide for Healthcare Workers
  • Human Trafficking Training for Florida Nurses
  • Identifying and Managing Impaired Staff
  • Lifting Safely to Prevent Injury
  • National Patient Safety Goals 2022
  • Patient-centered Care for LGBTQ+ Patients
  • Preventing Adverse Events in the Home Health Environment
  • Preventing Needlestick Injuries
  • Professional Case Management: Effective Communication
  • Professional Case Management: Issues to Consider in Long Term Care
  • Recognizing Domestic Violence
  • Recognizing the Impaired Nurse in the Workplace (Florida Regulations)
  • Resident Rights: The Art of Caring
  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace for Nurses and Administrators
  • Standards for Infection Control: An Update for Healthcare Workers
  • The Confused Resident: Strategies for Quality Care
  • The Human Immune System: When It Turns Against the Body

Retiring Courses

As of August 31, the following courses will be retired from the MU catalog offering. Please review your course bundles and assigned courses to remove or replace courses as needed. If an alternate suggestion is available, it is listed after the retiring course.

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