Eleven New CE Courses

New course content
on Medline University.

Case management, cultural awareness,
cardiac care and more.

Basic Cardiac Monitoring: Understanding Fundamentals (4.0 ce for nurses)

Practice skilled cardiac monitoring.

Relate the cardiac cycle to the specific features of the ECG waveforms.

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Cultural Awareness
Cultural awareness in healthcare (1.0 ce for nurses)

Integrate cultural awareness into your practice.

Review the importance of cultural awareness and provide appropriate, tailored-care to diverse patient populations.

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Cultural Awareness in Healthcare
Cultural awareness in healthcare: understanding the need (0.5 ce for nurses)

Bring cultural awareness into the American healthcare system.

Review some of the major cultural awareness studies that have been completed over the past 60 years.

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EKG interpretation and response (1.0 CE for nurses)

Identify and analyze dysrhythmias.

Understand the characteristics and interventional protocols for treating dysrhythmias.

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Human Trafficking
Human trafficking training (2.0 ce for nurses)

Understand, prevent and properly report human trafficking. 

Understand the nature of the issue and the different assessment tools utilized to identify victims.

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Identifying and managing impaired nursing staff
Identifying and managing impaired staff (2.0 ce for nurses)

Understand the risk factors associated with nursing and substance abuse.

Recognize the signs and symptoms of staff impairment in the long-term care setting.

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Home Health

preventing adverse events in the home health environment (1.0 ce for nurses)

Be prepared for adverse events.

Prevent pressure injuries, practice safety precautions and differentiate medical and nonmedical emergencies.

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Professional case management: effective communication (1.0 ce for nurses)

Actively listen and positively communicate.

Effective communication is vital when interacting with interdisciplinary team members.

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Long Term Care
professional case management: Issues to consider in Long Term CARE (1.0 Ce for nurses)

Meet the needs of the client and reimbursement agency.

Know and adhere to the Aging Life Care Association's Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

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recognizing the impaired nurse in the workplace (2.0 ce for nurses)

Understand, identify and properly report nurse impairment.

Identify the signs and symptoms of nurse impairment in the workplace. Fulfills the Florida mandated training requirement. 

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the human immune system: when it turns against the body (1.0 ce for nurses)

Explore the physiology and pathophsyiology of the human immune system.

Understand 8 common autoimmune disorders and the available treatments.

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