Global Health Educational Series

Global Health Initiative
Educational Series

This course series has been developed as part
of Medline's Global Health Initiative, which works
to make healthcare run better, everywhere we go.
Courses are available in both English and Spanish.

The best wound care
requires effective educational
resources — something that’s
not always easy to access.

To help ensure clinicians everywhere can
provide the wound care their patients deserve,
Medline has developed several free and easily
accessible wound-care courses.

Global Health Initiative Wound-Care Courses

Available in both English and Spanish

Gloved hands bandaging wound
Introduction to Wounds

This introductory course outlines different types of wounds and a framework for wound assessment.

Gloved hands turning a patient
Pressure Injury Prevention

Learn the causes, risk factors, interventions, prevention strategies, and costs for Pressure Injuries (PIs). Explore helpful PI staging examples.

Wound Care for Diabetic Foot Ulcer
Lower Extremity Neuropathic Disease (LEND) and Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFUs)

Understand the costs, causes, and assessment and treatment options for DFUs. Learn long-term management strategies for DFUs.

Wound Assessment and Documentation
Wound Assessment and Documentation

Become familiar with an easy-to-use tool for wound staging and classification. Upon course completion, download the wound assessment tool for use in your daily practice.