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Becoming an expert in preventing infections

Elevate your skills in infection prevention and earn your Infection Prevention badge through the Scholar Program at Medline University. Our comprehensive curriculum equips you with the crucial expertise and abilities to combat infections effectively. This program welcomes all healthcare professionals—nurses, nursing assistants, healthcare administrators, case managers, dietitians, nutritionists, physical therapists, and more.

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Take all three courses to earn your Infection Prevention badge

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Personal Protective Equipment for Nurses and Healthcare Personnel (1.5 CE for Nurses)

Explore PPE usage, tackle USP 800 guidelines, and learn about special considerations for diseases like Ebola and HIV.

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Hand Hygiene: Basic Principles and Competency  (1.0 CE for Nurses)

Commit to patient safety, master hand hygiene, understand infection transmission, and learn proper glove use.

honors, scholar program, MU, badge, infection control, prevention, pathogens
Standards for Infection Control: An Update for Healthcare Workers (1.5 CE for Nurses)

Focus on infection prevention and control by reviewing Universal Precautions to combat bloodborne infections and tuberculosis.

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