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Championing vascular access health

Boost your vascular access skills and earn your Vascular Access Device badge through the Scholar Program at Medline University. Our comprehensive curriculum gives you the expertise and abilities to promote vascular access health. This program is for all healthcare professionals—nurses, nursing assistants, healthcare administrators, case managers, dietitians, nutritionists, physical therapists, and more.

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Take all three courses to earn your Vascular Access Device badge

honors, scholar program, MU, badge, vascular access health, CVC, PIV, CLABSI
Appropriate Vascular Access Device Selection (1.0 CE for Nurses)

Review the various vascular access options, placement techniques, and the indications and contraindications associated with each option.

honors, scholar program, MU, badge, CLABSI, CVC, peds, neonate, PIV
Neonatal and Pediatric Vascular Access Device Selection and Management (1.0 CE for Nurses)

Address vascular access challenges in neonatal and pediatric patients while examining standards, device selection, complications and CLABSI prevention.

honors, scholar program, MU, badge, infection control, prevention, CLABSI, CVC
Introduction to Central Venous Catheters (1.0 CE for Nurses)

Implement best practices for CVC insertion, access, and maintenance, including CLABSI prevention strategies.

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