Family Interactions - 0.25 CE (for Administators)

09-27-2018 02:39 AM

Family Interactions (NAB approval 20190629-0.50-A45303-DL)
Families of long-term care residents play an integral role as members of the healthcare team in long-term care facilities. Understanding the role families of long-term care residents play is important when looking at the holistic care of the resident. It is more common than not for family to be involved with their relatives in the long-term care setting. One study found more than 50% of family caregivers monitor, manage care, and assist with meals when their relative is in long-term care. Additionally, 40% of family members assisted residents with personal care. It is estimated that family caregivers spend 4-9 hours per week visiting and/or assisting with care. Research also shows that a significant majority, 72% in one study, of family caregivers were women, with most being either adult daughters of residents or daughters-in-law of residents. Recognizing the significant role of family interactions with long-term care residents, it is necessary to gain understanding about the dynamics of this relationship. This course will examine specific aspects of long-term care that can lead to increased family satisfaction with the experience. This will be done by discussing family staff conflict and the impact it has on both the family and the staff. The course will also examine destructive family behaviors that can affect relationships between families and relatives in long-term care. 

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