Getting the Most from your Clinical Laboratory (1.0 CE for Clinical Laboratory Professionals)

07-10-2019 09:42 AM


Clinical laboratories guide 60-80% of medical decisions within acute care settings and, due to this, are experiencing an increased demand for testing. However, they are simultaneously facing a myriad of challenges to meet these demands such as staff shortages and tightening budgets. In this course, you will become familiarized with the clinical laboratory. You will learn about the challenges faced in the clinical laboratory setting, the responsibilities of each department in the clinical laboratory including chemistry, hematology, blood bank, microbiology, immunology, phlebotomy, and pathology. You will also learn about each role within the clinical laboratory and their respective academic requirements. Most importantly, you will learn how the clinical laboratory impacts patient care as well as best practices when working with the clinical laboratory on ordering tests, collecting specimens, identifying specimens, transporting specimens and analyzing specimens.

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