Non-Ventilator Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia (NV-HAP): Why Oral Care Matters

12-10-2019 14:21

Pathogens behind lungs with oral care products

When our patients come to the hospital, their hope is for a return to health. Each year millions of patients check into US hospitals, and unfortunately some of them will get a hospital-acquired infection. This can lead to extra days in the hospital, significant delay in their overall recovery, and even death. Nursing leadership in the area of infection prevention is well-recognized. Over the last decade, nurses have been the frontline change agents that have helped to lower the overall incidence of hospital-acquired infection. However, there is a new number one hospital-acquired infection that has been hiding within our hospital walls. 

This educational program will help nurses to:
  • Describe outcomes when patients get non-ventilator hospital-acquired pneumonia (NV-HAP)
  • Explain the pathophysiology of NV-HAP
  • Analyze the role of the nurse in prevention of NV-HAP
  • Illustrate examples of nursing leadership in quality improvement to prevent NV-HAP
  • Summarize the next steps in NV-HAP at the national level

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