Tracheostomy Tube Care and Cleaning - 1.0 CE (for Nurses)

09-28-2018 02:51 AM

Tracheostomy Tube Care and Cleaning
Tracheostomies are a common procedure in healthcare today with over 100,000 tracheostomies performed every year in the United States. This makes tracheostomies and tracheostomy tube care a critical component of nursing care. This course will discuss the reason tracheostomies are performed, components of the tracheotomy tube, changing the tracheostomy tube, communicating with a tracheostomy tube, how to care for and clean the tracheotomy tube, and special considerations for pediatric patients with tracheostomy tubes. This knowledge will give healthcare providers caring for patients with tracheostomy tubes a better understanding of how to provide the best care for these patients.

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