VTE Prevention - 1.0 CE (for Nurses)

09-28-2018 03:06 AM

VTE Prevention
Venous thrombolytic events, or VTEs, which include deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, and pulmonary emboli, or PE, are recognized as the most preventable cause of death of hospitalized patients or those who have been recently hospitalized. (McCaffrey & Blum, 2009) It is estimated that 900,000- 2.5 million people are diagnosed with a DVT each year with mortality for lower extremity DVT ranging from 13-21% and mortality for PE being as high as 25%. Approximately 10-25% of hospital deaths are attributed to VTE. Joint Commission Core Measure Set STK-1 is related to VTEs and recommends following specific algorithms. This makes VTE prevention a significant aspect of patient care. It is necessary for healthcare personnel to understand the implications of VTE to ensure best practice is followed for both the prevention and treatment of VTE. This course will provide the most up-to-date information on VTE including the pathophysiology of VTE formation, risk factors for developing VTE, diagnosis, treatment, prophylaxis and contraindications to treatment or prophylaxis.

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