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Financial Impact of Improved Pressure Ulcer Staging in the Acute Hospital with Use of a New Tool, the NE1 Wound Assessment Tool

There is a tremendous financial incentive to improve PrU staging. The NE1 WAT has been shown to improve PrU staging accuracy significantly. This improvement has the potential to improve the financial health of acute care hospitals caring for patients with PrUs. #Skin-Health-Solutions ...


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Validation of the NE1 Wound Assessment Tool to Improve Staging of Pressure Ulcers on Admission by Registered Nurses

There is a need for a simple bedside tool to improve the ability of nurses to identify skin alterations, describe wounds, and stage pressure ulcers for proper care management and present on admission documentation. This study tests the test–retest reliability and criterion validity of the NE1...


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Wound Cleansing

Wound Cleansing is one of the most important components of an effective wound management protocol. Optimal wound healing cannot occur until all proinflammatory material and foreign bodies have been removed from the wound. #Skin-Health-Solutions #Best-Practice-Guides-and-Tools #RN-LPN ​​​


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Urinary Incontinence Assessment Form

This is a form for assessing if a patient is having urinary incontinence, which product to use, and in what size #Skin-Health-Solutions #Best-Practice-Guides-and-Tools ​​


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Nutrition Checklist for Patients/Residents

This is a checklist addressing the nutritional needs of patients and residents #Skin-Health-Solutions #Best-Practice-Guides-and-Tools #RN-LPN ​​​


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SNAQ Simplified Nutritional Appetite Questionnaire

This is a questionnaire to walk patients through about appetite assessment tool #Skin-Health-Solutions #Best-Practice-Guides-and-Tools ​​​


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MNA® Mini Nutritional Assessment

This is the Mini Nutritional Assessment #Skin-Health-Solutions #Best-Practice-Guides-and-Tools #RN-LPN ​​​​​