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Cancer, Palliative and Hospice Care for the Healthcare Assistant

There are numerous symptoms associated with cancer, palliative and hospice care that need to be considered when caring for patients in this category. It is imperative that the healthcare assistant understand the symptoms that can be anticipated and what they can do to assist in minimizing...

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Why You Need to Recognize Your Value as a CNA (non CE)

Team building in Long Term Care with Lori Porter, Co-Founder and CEO, National Association of Health Care Assistants (NAHCA). #Courses #Taking-Care-of-Me #Healthcare-Assistant #CNA #Nursing-Home #Hospital #Home-Care #Hospice ​​​​​​​​

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What is Palliative Care? for Healthcare Assistants - 0.5 CE

Resources on palliative care have been relatively rare in the past. This course offers valuable information on what palliative care is and how to access it. #Courses #Australia #Across-the-Continuum-of-Care #Geriatric #Healthcare-Assistant #CNA #Home-Care #Hospice #Nursing-Home...

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VAP: Neumonía asociada a ventilación mecánica para Ayudantes de Enfermería - 0.25 CE

La neumonía asociada a ventilación mecánica (NAVM) no sólo es muy dañina, sino muy costosa de tratar. Por lo tanto, educar a los cuidadores acerca de cómo prevenir la VAP puede salvar vidas y ahorrar dinero. #Courses #Infection-Prevention #Respiratory #Spanish #Healthcare-Assistant ...

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Understanding Diabetes - for Healthcare Assistants - 0.5 CE

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that affects the patient’s ability to utilize glucose properly. Because of this, patients’ glucose levels need to be monitored closely, and reported to the nurse and/or practitioner for appropriate treatment. The diabetic patient is likely to have complications...

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Úlceras del Pie Diabético para Ayudantes de Enfermería (non CE)

La sensibilización con la diabetes del público en general ha aumentado en los últimos años, gracias en parte a las advertencias sobre obesidad infantil y su relación con la diabetes. Los cuidadores involucrados con la atención de residentes a largo plazo ya están familiarizados con la diabetes...

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The Transfer Challenge - 1.0 CE (for Healthcare Assistants)

This course will help in eliminating fear for elderly residents when transferring them to acute care. #Courses #Australia #Across-the-Continuum-of-Care #Safety #Infection-Prevention #Healthcare-Assistant #CNA #Nursing-Home #Other #CE ​​​​​​​​​​​​

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The Nursing Assistant: Recognizing & Reporting Changes in a Resident's Mental Condition (w/Video) (non CE)

Being alert to mental changes and reporting them is an important part of a frontline caregiver's responsibilities. Mental changes may signal an immediate threat to a residen'ts health or well-being. Changes or a decline in mental condition can make a resident more difficult to care for as well...