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Professional Case Management: Effective Communication (1.0 CE for Nurses)

Course Description Because of the collaborative nature of the profession, effective communication is vital. It is a critical element in the process of case management as information related to the creation, implementation, and evaluation of the client's plan of care must be accurately and...

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Professional Case Management: Issues to Consider in Long Term Care (1.0 CE for Nurses)

Course Description A professional case manager, especially one who is employed by a long term care facility, is often involved in working with clients and their families as well as Medicare and Medicaid health plans and private insurers, therefore, much of the work is making sure that the needs...

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Dementia Care III, Understanding & Managing Difficult Behavior (w/Video)

Understanding what triggers a certain behavior in a resident with dementia will put you in a better position to address the problem in a positive way. In some cases it may even allow you to prevent it from occurring. It is also important to remember that disruptive or unusual behavior may be a...

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Dementia Care II, Physical Decline & Caregiving Challenges (w/Video)

Dementia is a brain disorder involving the loss of memory and thinking abilities as well as physical functioning. As victims decline mentally, their ability to perform activities of daily living is also affected. The damage caused by dementia leads to a loss of brain tissue that cannot be...

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Dementia Care I, Mental Decline & Caregiving Challenges (w/Video)

Dementia is a brain disorder resulting in memory loss and a decline in thinking abilities. It is a condition that is known to grow worse with time and is associated with changes in behavior and personality. Individuals often become confused, fearful and withdrawn. Communication also becomes more...