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Cultural Awareness in Healthcare: Understanding the Need

Course Description This program is the first in a series of three focusing on cultural awareness in healthcare. In this program we will review the concept of cultural awareness in healthcare and demonstrate the need to bring cultural awareness into the American healthcare system. Learning...

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Professional Case Management: Effective Communication

Course Description Because of the collaborative nature of the profession, effective communication is vital. It is a critical element in the process of case management as information related to the creation, implementation, and evaluation of the client's plan of care must be accurately and...

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Professional Case Management: Issues to Consider in Long Term Care

Course Description A professional case manager, especially one who is employed by a long term care facility, is often involved in working with clients and their families as well as Medicare and Medicaid health plans and private insurers, therefore, much of the work is making sure that the needs...

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Health Literacy

Course Description This course defines health literacy and discusses the impact low health literacy has on both the health and economy of the US population. This course identifies populations vulnerable to low health literacy and explores methods to help alleviate low health literacy....

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Getting the Most from your Clinical Laboratory

Clinical laboratories guide 60-80% of medical decisions within acute care settings and, due to this, are experiencing an increased demand for testing. However, they are simultaneously facing a myriad of challenges to meet these demands such as staff shortages and tightening budgets. In this...

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The Confused Resident: Strategies for Quality Care - 1.0 CE (for Nurses)

The purpose of this program is to provide nurses with an understanding of the stages and problem behaviors of Alzheimer's Disease and practical techniques for intervention to maintain as much quality of life as possible. #Courses #Communication #Geriatric #RN-LPN #Assisted-Living...

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9 on the Line - Patient Safety in the Operating Room - 1.5 CE (for Nurses)

The operating room presents an environment for many different patient safety issues to arise. It is important for nurses to understand the importance of these issues, and to take action to improve patient safety in their healthcare organization. This course will address surgical site infections,...

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Safe Medication Practices in the Operating Room (non CE)

Medication errors can result in serious harm to patients, increased healthcare costs, and compromised patient confidence in the healthcare system. Even in the operating room, where patients are continuously monitored, medication errors can result in serious complications, and even death. In fact...

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Customer Service in Healthcare for Healthcare Assistants - 0.5 CE

The purpose of this learning opportunity is to provide information on ways to provide better service to the clients to whom you care for as well as the organization in which you work. #Courses #Quality-Improvement #Healthcare-Assistant #CNA #Doctors-Office-Community-Health #Hospital ...