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Communication, Culture and Family in End-of-Life Care (1 hour)

In end-of-life care, the caregivers will need effective communication, cultural competence and the inclusion of family and loved ones. These can all be crucial factors in easing a person's fears and distress during the final phase of life. This program discusses several issues involved in end-of...

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National Patient Safety Goals for Long Term Care 2019 (w/Video)

The goal of this program is to define and discuss the Joint Commission's National Patient Safety Goals for 2019, including the problems and concerns that have led to its implementation. The program provides a detailed review of the various patient safety goals that have been identified for...

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Cancer, Palliative and Hospice Care for the Healthcare Assistant

There are numerous symptoms associated with cancer, palliative and hospice care that need to be considered when caring for patients in this category. It is imperative that the healthcare assistant understand the symptoms that can be anticipated and what they can do to assist in minimizing...

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What is Palliative Care? for Healthcare Assistants - 0.5 CE

Resources on palliative care have been relatively rare in the past. This course offers valuable information on what palliative care is and how to access it. #Courses #Australia #Across-the-Continuum-of-Care #Geriatric #Healthcare-Assistant #CNA #Home-Care #Hospice #Nursing-Home...

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Using Restraints and Restrictive Devices - 1.0 CE (for Nurses)

Restraints are a concern in healthcare today due to the danger they pose to those restrained. It is recognized that restraint use needs to be decreased. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has set standards indicating the need to decrease restraints and seclusion. This course gives an...

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The Confused Resident: Strategies for Quality Care - 1.0 CE (for Nurses)

The purpose of this program is to provide nurses with an understanding of the stages and problem behaviors of Alzheimer's Disease and practical techniques for intervention to maintain as much quality of life as possible. #Courses #Communication #Geriatric #RN-LPN #Assisted-Living...

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Resident Rights: The Art of Caring - 1.0 CE (for Nurses)

The purpose of this program is to provide nurses with an understanding of how to identify and safeguard the rights of residents in a long-term care facility. These rights are guaranteed by law. #Courses #Geriatric #Legal-Aspects-of-Nursing #RN-LPN #Assisted-Living-Personal-Care ...

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Reducing Total Pain at the End of Life (non CE)

Pain is a common symptom of end-stage illness, affecting between 70 and 90 percent of patients with advanced cancer and large numbers of patients experiencing other life-threatening illnesses. It is a complex and individual experience, often requiring creative approaches to identify causes and...