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Health Literacy

Course Description This course defines health literacy and discusses the impact low health literacy has on both the health and economy of the US population. This course identifies populations vulnerable to low health literacy and explores methods to help alleviate low health literacy....

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When to Use the Call Light

The call button provides the following benefits to patients. Learn when to use the call light for a safer stay. #Patient-Education #Healthcare-Facilities ​​


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What to Expect When Entering a Long-Term care facility

Learn the questions to ask and find out how to prepare for a transition into a long-term care facility. #Patient-Education #Healthcare-Facilities ​​


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What to Expect When You Go to the Hospital or Doctor's Office

Going to the hospital or to a doctor’s office can be a frightening, stressful, or even an intimidating experience. Learn tips on how you can be both mentally and physically prepared for any type of health‐related visit. #Patient-Education #Healthcare-Facilities ​​


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Preventing Infection When Visiting Others

If you are visiting a friend or loved one, learn the steps to take to prevent spreading germs. #Patient-Education #Healthcare-Facilities ​​


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Preparing to Visit a Loved One in the Hospital

Having a loved one in the hospital can be a novel, scary, worrisome experience. Learn tips on how to be a beneficial visitor. #Patient-Education #Healthcare-Facilities ​​


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An EKG, electrocardiogram, is a painless test that is used to monitor and observe the workings of your heart. Find out more about the procedure and its risks. #Patient-Education #Healthcare-Facilities ​​

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Communicating with Your Nurse

Talking to the nurse will allow you to understand what is going on with your plan of care. The best way to improve your care is to communicate with your nurse. #Patient-Education #Healthcare-Facilities ​​

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Communicating With Your Doctor

It is very important that you are talking with your doctor about your health and plan of care. Patients, who understand their providers are more likely to accept their health problems, understand their treatment options, change their behavior and stay well. #Patient-Education #Healthcare...