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Preventing Adverse Events in the Home Health Environment

Course Description The prevalence of adverse events (AEs) in medical care is very high and can lead to serious medical consequences, high mortality, and excess costs for extended medical care. Unlike a hospital or skilled nursing facility, the home environment is more private, so potential...

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Cultural Awareness in Healthcare

Course Description This program focuses on cultural awareness in healthcare. In this program we will review the concept of cultural awareness in healthcare and demonstrate the need to bring cultural awareness into the American healthcare system. We will also examine the Culturally and...

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Phlebotomy Refresher (0.5 CE for Clinical Laboratory Professionals)

Phlebotomy is one of the most common procedures performed in healthcare today. This course will provide a refresher on phlebotomy for clinical professionals who already hold the appropriate certification to perform venipuncture in their state. This is not meant as initial training for new...

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HIPAA - A Guide for Long Term Care Workers

The goal of this program is to define and discuss current and forthcoming HIPAA initiatives regarding resident privacy and data security. The program provides a detailed review of the reforms that have been identified for implementation, and provides information to help long term care workers...

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Communication, Culture and Family in End-of-Life Care (1 hour)

In end-of-life care, the caregivers will need effective communication, cultural competence and the inclusion of family and loved ones. These can all be crucial factors in easing a person's fears and distress during the final phase of life. This program discusses several issues involved in end-of...