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Common Feeding Tubes

The purpose of this course is to teach nurses about the various types of naosgastric tubes and provide instruction on how to properly insert and remove these devices. #CE #Courses #RN-LPN #RNs #Hospice #Hospital #Nursing-Home #Across-the-Continuum-of-Care ​​​​​​​​​

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Fall Prevention

Falls among older patients and other at-risk patients are very common. In fact, as many as 75% of all residents fall every year in nursing care, and in acute care, falls make up about 38% of all adverse events. This program on fall prevention can help you and your institution meet the Joint...

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Heart Medications: Anatomy Review and Antianginals (w/Video)

This program reviews the cardiovascular system and establishes the fundamental roles of types of medications use to treat heart diseases, focusing on the use of angina medications. #CE #Emergency-Critical-Care #Quality-Improvement ​​​​ #RN-LPN #RNs ​​ #Home-Care #Hospital ...

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Optimizing Room Turnover in Your OR

Improving surgical outcomes and reducing healthcare associated infections (HAIs) is a primary focus for operating room staff. With a collaborative effort to reduce surgical site infections (SSIs), staff can improve patient safety and reduce costs. This educational activity is intended for nurses...

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National Patient Safety Goals for Long Term Care 2019 (w/Video)

The goal of this program is to define and discuss the Joint Commission's National Patient Safety Goals for 2019, including the problems and concerns that have led to its implementation. The program provides a detailed review of the various patient safety goals that have been identified for...

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Serious Reportable Events: Identification and Prevention Part 1 (w/Video)

This program provides a general overview of patient safety strategies. Some of the Serious Reportable Events compiled by the National Quality Forum (NQF) are introduced and strategies to prevent them are discussed. Those categories include surgical or invasive procedure events, product or device...

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Serious Reportable Events: Identification and Prevention Part 2 (w/Video)

This program discusses several strategies to prevent Serious Reportable Events. Those categories discussed include care management events, environmental events, radiologic events, potential criminal events, and events recommended for retirement. #CE #Courses ​​ #RN-LPN #RNs #Hospital ...