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Human Trafficking Training for Florida Nurses

Course Description Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery that serves as a highly-profitable business for traffickers without any regard for the victims involved. Nurses are likely to encounter trafficking victims within the hospital, emergency room or acute care facility. In order...

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EKG Interpretation and Response

Course Description The purpose of this course is to provide nurses with an explanation of terms that are key to understanding dysrhythmias, as well as important information about each type of dysrhythmia. The course provides nurses with information to understand the characteristics and...

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Basic Cardiac Monitoring: Understanding Fundamentals

Course Description This program introduces cardiac monitoring and the ECG, relating the cardiac cycle to the specific features of the ECG waveforms. Shows the 12-lead ECG; explains the Lead I and Modified Lead I configurations. Demonstrates the proper procedure for applying electrodes to the...

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Health Literacy

Course Description This course defines health literacy and discusses the impact low health literacy has on both the health and economy of the US population. This course identifies populations vulnerable to low health literacy and explores methods to help alleviate low health literacy....