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Phlebotomy Refresher (0.5 CE for Clinical Laboratory Professionals)

Phlebotomy is one of the most common procedures performed in healthcare today. This course will provide a refresher on phlebotomy for clinical professionals who already hold the appropriate certification to perform venipuncture in their state. This is not meant as initial training for new...

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Operationalizing Your Lab (1.0 CE for Clinical Laboratory Professionals)

To achieve sustainable cost control, lab managers and directors may benefit from understanding initiatives that Supply Chain have already implemented or are considering implementing across the rest of the healthcare system. Materials Management is likely already making operational enhancements...

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Getting the Most from your Clinical Laboratory (1.0 CE for Clinical Laboratory Professionals)

Clinical laboratories guide 60-80% of medical decisions within acute care settings and, due to this, are experiencing an increased demand for testing. However, they are simultaneously facing a myriad of challenges to meet these demands such as staff shortages and tightening budgets. In this...