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Pain Management: The Pain Process, Patient Assessment, Pharmacological Treatment, and Classification of Pain

This program describes the psychophysiological and other factors involved in the pain process, and describes the techniques of a thorough pain assessment. It also describes the major types of pain medication, their appropriate uses and the treatment cycle for three types of pain: acute, chronic...

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Reducing Total Pain at the End of Life (non CE)

Pain is a common symptom of end-stage illness, affecting between 70 and 90 percent of patients with advanced cancer and large numbers of patients experiencing other life-threatening illnesses. It is a complex and individual experience, often requiring creative approaches to identify causes and...

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Pain Assessment and Management (non CE)

This course was written by Robin A. Bleier, RN, HCRM-FACDONA, Clinical Risk Operational Consultant & Principal of RB Health Partners, Inc. As a long-term care professional, you are charged with seeking risk factors for your patients. Pain is one of the most important risk factors to be...

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Acute Pain-Management: Operative or Medical Procedures and Trauma - 2.0 CE (for Nurses)

Critically important new video program designed to familiarize healthcare professionals with the new Pain-Management guideline developed by the Agency for Healthcare Policy and Research (AHCPR). #Courses #Emergency-and-Trauma #Operating-Room #Pain-Management #Safety #RN-LPN ...

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Acute Pain-Management in Children - 2.0 CE (for Nurses)

Briefly reviews Joint Commission standards for Pain-Management and AHCPR Clinical Practice Guideline for Acute Pain-Management in Infants, Children, and Adolescents: Operative and Medical Procedures. Discusses recommendations for the use of particular assessment techniques and the use of...

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Choosing the Right Back Support in the LTC Setting - 0.1 CEU (for Therapists)

Take a deep look at off the shelf back supports and the critical role they play in maximizing function and in the prevention of falls, and wounds in the wheelchair system. Learn about key features of back supports such as the type of shell and the importance of adjustability to conform to the...