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What to Look for in a Skin Protection Cushion: Understanding the principles of immersion vs offloading and the importance of cushion medium and geometry - 0.1 CEU (for Therapists)

This course is designed to assist a therapist decide what type of resident is appropriate for a skin protection cushion. Take an in-depth look into cushion properties such as method of pressure redistribution, cushion geometry, and medium and consider the pros and cons of using each....

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Understanding the geriatric population: Risks associated with prolonged sitting and goals of a LTC therapist - 0.1 CEU (for Therapists)

This course is designed to assist the LTC therapist to have a better understanding of the changing body of an elderly resident and the increased risk of sitting in an abnormal posture. It discusses health issues related to prolonged sitting in an abnormal posture. The course identifies goals of...

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Wound Development: Taking a deeper look into the 3 extrinsic factors of wound development: pressure, shear and microclimate - 0.1 CEU (for Therapists)

Dive into the three extrinsic factors of wound development to gain a deeper understanding of what they are, how they are created, and how they contribute to the development of a pressure injury. Learn methods to fight against pressure, shear and microclimate to protect the compromised skin of...

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Choosing the Right Back Support in the LTC Setting - 0.1 CEU (for Therapists)

Take a deep look at off the shelf back supports and the critical role they play in maximizing function and in the prevention of falls, and wounds in the wheelchair system. Learn about key features of back supports such as the type of shell and the importance of adjustability to conform to the...