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Vascular Access: Understanding Intraosseous

Course Description Intraosseous placement provides faster access, less complications and a higher success rate. This course provides information regarding intraosseous access, insertion locations, indications, contraindications, and types of insertion devices to introduce the clinician to the...

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Serie educativa de salud global: Prevención de lesiones por presión

DESCRIPCIÓN DEL CURSO Este curso analiza el costo de las lesiones por presión (LP) además de las causas, los factores de riesgo, las intervenciones y las estrategias de prevención de las LP. También se presentan las pautas del Programa Nacional de Asesoramiento sobre Lesiones por Presión ...

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Global Health Educational Series: Pressure Injury Prevention

Course Description Understand the cost of Pressure Injuries (PI) in addition to the causes, risk factors, interventions and prevention strategies. The National Pressure Injury Advisory Program (NPIAP) guidelines for staging a PI are also presented, including examples to help learners stage a...

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Global Health Educational Series: Introduction to Wounds

Course Description Start with the basics for skin health by reviewing the anatomy of the skin and discovering what can put it at risk to develop an injury or a wound. Gain knowledge of the layers of the skin, function of the skin, factors that affect the skin condition and healing process....

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Skin Injuries: More than Just Pressure (Recorded Webinar)

Course Description This short 20 minute webinar exploring skin injuries other than pressure injuries/ulcers- specifically moisture associated skin damage (MASD) including incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD), intertriginous dermatitis (ITD), medical adhesive associated skin injury (MARSI)...

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Interactive Skin and Risk Assessment

Course Description This assessment will present you with a series of scenarios where you will have to evaluate patients' clinical records successfully and perform a skin assessment of each patient, followed by a risk assessment using the Braden Scale. Every step of the process is controlled...

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The Basics of Nutrition and Hydration

Course Description Strengthen your understanding of the role of nutrition and hydration in the prevention and healing of pressure Injuries. Learning Objectives Upon completion of the course, the learner will be able to: Recognize the causes as well and the signs of malnutrition and...

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Effective Wound Assessment

Course Description The course provides an overview of effective wound assessment. Assessing a wound involves multiple steps, beginning with choosing reliable and valid wound assessment methods, which should include: measuring wound area/size and depth, assessing the wound edges, an aspect of...

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Basic Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin

Course Description Throughout this course, review the anatomy and physiology of the skin, as well as its unique structures and functions. Discuss the ways in which the skin is naturally moisturized and identify four common threats to the skin. Learning Objectives Upon completion of the...