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Differentiation of Lower Extremity Wounds (Recorded Webinar)

Learn from Clinical Education Specialist Amy Robison as she explores the different types and causes of lower extremity wounds and effective strategies for prevention and treatment. #Resources #Webinars #Skin-Health-Solutions ​​​

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Skin Injuries: More than Just Pressure (Recorded Webinar)

This short 20 minute webinar exploring skin injuries other than pressure injuries/ulcers- specifically moisture associated skin damage (MASD) including incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD), intertriginous dermatitis (ITD), medical adhesive associated skin injury (MARSI), and skin tears....

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Factors Affecting Wound Healing (Recorded Webinar)

This short 20 minute webinar will explore both local and systemic factors that affect wound healing. Topics include identification of goals of care, the role of infection, and strategies for correcting barriers to healing. #Resources #Webinars #Courses #Skin-Health-Solutions #Skin-and...

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Apples to Apple PIE (Recorded Webinar)

A simple and effective educational webinar that highlights a unique method of teaching and learning to stage pressure injuries using the analogy of an apple. Utilizing NPUAP definitions with photos of real wounds, the nurse will understand the progression of pressure injury staging and apply...

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Medline University Introductory Video

This short video offers a tour of the site, and is appropriate for learners and administrators. Learners can find the courses they need, and administrators can discover how to leverage the power of Medline University to achieve their facilities' learning objectives. #Webinars #Resources ​​

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Upcoming LIVE User Training Webinars

Medline University makes it easy for learners to find the courses they need, and administrators to help achieve their facilities' learning objectives. Every week, we’ll host LIVE 30-minute training sessions to show you how to get started, and give you the opportunity to ask questions. See below...

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Medline University Admin Instructional Video - The Basics

Don't worry if you missed our recent webinar introducing you to the new Medline University! We recorded it for you, and you can check it out right here! This webinar walks super users/admins through the basic features that they can take advantage of, including adding students and running...

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Leadership: Turnover Reduction

Employee turnover can cost a facility in more than just money. Find out the true cost of employee turnover as well as steps that can help with employee retention. #Resources #Skin-Health-Solutions #Leadership #RN-LPN ​​​​​​


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Leadership: Team Building

This is a PDF discussing different team building activities that nursing leadership can increase team building in their facility. #Resources #Skin-Health-Solutions #Leadership #RN-LPN ​​​​​


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Leadership: Statistics and Studies Definitions

Use these quick and easy explanations of terms to help interpret studies and statistics. #Resources #Skin-Health-Solutions #Leadership #RN-LPN ​​​​​​