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Medline University Introductory Video

This short video offers a tour of the site, and is appropriate for learners and administrators. Learners can find the courses they need, and administrators can discover how to leverage the power of Medline University to achieve their facilities' learning objectives. #Webinars #Resources ​​

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Upcoming LIVE User Training Webinars

Medline University makes it easy for learners to find the courses they need, and administrators to help achieve their facilities' learning objectives. Every week, we’ll host LIVE 30-minute training sessions to show you how to get started, and give you the opportunity to ask questions. See below...

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Medline University Admin Instructional Video - The Basics

Don't worry if you missed our recent webinar introducing you to the new Medline University! We recorded it for you, and you can check it out right here! This webinar walks super users/admins through the basic features that they can take advantage of, including adding students and running...

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Leadership: Turnover Reduction

Employee turnover can cost a facility in more than just money. Find out the true cost of employee turnover as well as steps that can help with employee retention. #Resources #Skin-Health-Solutions #Leadership #RN-LPN ​​​​​​


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Leadership: Team Building

This is a PDF discussing different team building activities that nursing leadership can increase team building in their facility. #Resources #Skin-Health-Solutions #Leadership #RN-LPN ​​​​​


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Leadership: Statistics and Studies Definitions

Use these quick and easy explanations of terms to help interpret studies and statistics. #Resources #Skin-Health-Solutions #Leadership #RN-LPN ​​​​​​


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Leadership: Protocols

Nursing protocols act as a step-by-step guide to nurses in providing treatment and care to patients, providing standardization of processes and procedures for the entire staff to follow. This course describes protocols in detail and explains the basic parts of construction. #Resources #Skin...


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Leadership: Patient and Family

The nursing team plays a vital role in patient care, especially where patient and family education is concerned. Since nursing often spends more time with the patient than the physician will, nursing takes part in many opportunities for Patient-Education. This course describes some ways you can...


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Leadership: Outcomes Measurement

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act created an environment that rewards value and quality in care. As a result, outcomes are the new healthcare currency. This course reviews how to measure clinical processes and outcomes in order to aid in medical decision-making and the future...


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Leadership: Motivating a Team

Motivation should always be a primary focus of leadership in any industry, but especially in healthcare where high stress levels and burnout can result in high staff turnover. Use the tips in this course to understand how individuals are motivated so that you can tailor your motivation tactics...