Best Practices for Processing Ophthalmic Instruments - 0.6 CE (for Central Sterile Techs)

07-10-2019 08:58 AM


Over the past 15 years, the time to perform a cataract procedure has decreased from 2.5 hours to 15-20 minutes. The cost for a set of cataract instruments can range from $6,000 to $8,000 or more. Due to the short amount of time between cases, there is an urgency to turn the instruments around for the next case. Ophthalmic (or eye) Instruments come in contact with the eye and thus body fluids. They are considered contaminated and must receive the entire cleaning and sterilization process between patients. This course is offered through our partnership with course creator Nancy Chobin RN, AAS, ACSP, CFER, CSPM, who created this module for Sterile Processing University.

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