NHCPS Handbook Course - CPR, AED & First Aid Course (non CE)

09-27-2018 01:53

CPR, AED & First Aid Course
Knowing how to deliver Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), AED & First Aid is critical in responding to common emergencies. This course will prepare you to perform CPR, First Aid, and use an automated external defibrillator (AED) in accordance with the latest guidelines. This course will cover how to provide care to simple and complex injuries, respond to common medical problems, perform high quality CPR, basic airway management, and safety and prevention. Populations covered include infants, children, and adults. This course uses basic medical terminology that is typically understood and recognized by everyone from laypersons to medical professionals. The course package includes: CPR, AED & First Aid Lectures and Video Presentations; CPR, AED & First Aid Knowledge Assessments and Review Questions; and CPR, AED & First Aid Provider Manual. This course can often be taken in as little as an hour, but is self-paced, which means you can start and stop as you please. The course is set up in a similar fashion as the provided course manual, starting with the basics, and ending with more advanced and age-specific CPR interventions. No pre-test or skills are required! Essentially, anyone and everyone can be more knowledgeable in life-saving CPR techniques. Taking this course will allow you to implement these techniques into your life if you are ever in the situation of a cardiac emergency. Failure to act in a cardiac emergency results in unnecessary deaths - it's up to you to prevent this unfortunate reality! Take this course with the mindset of becoming a life- saver!

NOTE - This course is for training in CPR, AED and First Aid. If you would like to be certified please visit NHCPS and complete your CPR certification test. Your course completion certificate will include a promotional code and instructions to take the certification exam for FREE!  

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